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About Us

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We Aim to Inspire

Let’s Drive is an adventure travel group based in Dubai, U.A.E. with over a 2000 members, of various ages and nationalities. Let’s Drive group and its organizers have successfully completed 90+ local and international drives – both on-road and off-road – within the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. Let’s Drive has successfully completed an overland drive from UAE to Netherlands driving across 15 countries including several driving expeditions in Europe.



Jammer is also known as “THE MAN” behind all the awesomeness of the Drive. He drives with the moto to leave no roads undiscovered.



A highly Skilled curious roadie who makes his presence felt in the group every moment. He is the “Guy” with the answers to all your questions.



FK is the Soul of the Group, besides the Drives and Organizing , FK is also known as “The Navigator”. You can Never get Lost under his wing.



Haris brings energy and force in executing our ideas to move on and on with his special interest to drive international routes.