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Let's Drive on the Edge

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November 20th, 2015 · 11:00 AM


Let's take our Gypsy spirits to the edge this time by driving on the edge of a mountain!

We'll start our drive from the meeting Point on Shk Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd at 11:00am. After a short break of 20 minutes in Ras Al Khaimah for Friday prayers, we will resume the drive at 1 pm.

We will drive in the mountains and explore the intriguing Pyramid-shaped features along the exciting route. The area offers plenty of scope for trekking and photography.

We will return from the mountains before sunset, around 5:30 pm and settle down in the foothills of Jais Mountains for campfire and BBQ.

The off-road track is a little tricky in some places so a 4X4 with (L) shift is a must for this drive.

Things to bring:
1) Food and drinks (non-alcoholic) for you and your guests.
2) Folding chairs, rugs etc.
3) BBQ Grill and some charcoal will be arranged by us; however, kindly bring your own if you have.
4) Wood
5) Sheesha (optional)


As a token of support to Let's Drive, the First Timers will pay a one-time contribution sum of AED 50.


By accepting to participate in this drive, you confirm that you have joined voluntarily and you accept that the Organizers do not hold any responsibility for any loss or damage of property (vehicle etc.) or injury to persons. You also agree that you are fully responsible for your own safety and any act of negligence that endangers the safety of fellow passenger(s), guests or others.

Let's Drive~~