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Let's Drive - The Dark Knight (Night Drive + Over Night Camp)

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April 7th, 2016 · 8:00 PM






"The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming." - The Dark Knight

LD Team! It's time to be brave and face the black of night. It's time for Let's Drives first ever off-road, 4X4, desert night time drive!!!

This trip is for Advance / Intermediate  experience drivers (desert).

Important Note:

1- All RSVPs will be routed to Waitlist first and we'll finalize the list of attendees. (Based on our experience of your driving skills.)

2- Only 4x4 cars with good ground clearance & desert capabilities are allowed.

3- No "open passengers list" for this drive. Only drivers can bring their own guests /passengers.

4- Trip meetup points will be shared with the selected members on our trip whatsapp group.

5- MUST HAVE Additional lights (LED bars, etc.)

6- MUST HAVE Basic and rescue gear (See additional links below)

7- MUST HAVE Front / Back recovery points & snatch strap.

8- MUST HAVE Radio (See additional links below)

9- MUST HAVE Flag (with pole)

What to Bring:

1- Enough food/snacks and water/drinks for the duration of the drive.

2- If you are planning to BBQ, we will have a BBQ grill available for you to use. (You are welcome to bring you own too).

3- Bring your raw food and amenities accordingly.

4- Chairs to sit on. (Very Important)

5- Camping Tent and relevant gear. (Sleeping bag, etc.)

6- Fire Wood (1 bundle per car)

7- Shisha (for those who smoke)

8- Any medication you need.

Important Links:

Off-road Equipment:

2 Way Radio Info:

GPS Devices / Apps:

Off-road / Camping / Vehicle Accessories Suppliers:

Disclaimer – please read carefully:

By accepting to participate in this event, You agree that:
(a) Acceptance of your RSVP is only notional, and the Organizers reserve the right to select the final list of attendees.
(b) You are above 18 years of age, and in case you are bringing family or guests below 18, they shall be accompanied by you at all times and remain your sole responsibility.
(c) You have joined us voluntarily and you have the required skills, licenses and permits to be on this trip.
(d) Let’s Drive or the organizers do not hold any responsibility for loss or damage of property (vehicle, gear etc.).
(e) You are responsible for your own safety and any act of negligence by You that endangers the safety of fellow passenger(s) or others.
(f) You give explicit consent to Let’s Drive and the organizers that any photos or videos of you and/or your family/ guests/ pet/ car/ gear taken on this trip (or an earlier trip), whether by the organizers or an attendee may be freely shared, used or published by Let’s Drive or the organizers in any form – print or digital – and/or posted on the group’s social media pages (Meetup/ Facebook/ Whatsapp/ Twitter/ Instagram/ Youtube and the like) for the purposes of illustration, promotion, branding, advertising or marketing or record and You explicitly waive any rights whatsoever to challenge or bring an action against Let’s Drive or the organizers/ hosts for use of such media for the stated purposes.