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Let's Drive to a Wadi on the East Coast

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October 30th, 2015 · 10:30 AM

Hello Gypsies!

The weather is finally taking a turn for good, so it’s a nice time to escape the humdrum of the city and head towards the Gulf of Oman to explore the wadis in the Eastern Region.

Wadi Chees is one such exciting getaway. Hidden in a remote mountain region of Sharjah, it is accessible through the tranquil Omani enclave of Madha, at the foot of the mountains between Khorfakkan and Fujairah after crossing through the small UAE exclave of Nahwa nestled within the Omani enclave. On the way, we could take a detour to Hajar Bani Hamid village in the Omani territory, before proceeding to Wadi Chees. The route meanders through small villages situated on both sides of the international border - there are no border posts, but you could easily make out the difference in the territory from the flags and signboards. In the last leg, we will mostly drive over unpaved roads or gravel tracks that are narrow in some stretches. The whole area is pretty laid-back and enjoys a simple life away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Therefore, we prefer to have a small convoy (not more than 10 cars) so as not to disturb the local residents. At this time of the year, the pools in this wadi are either dry or depleted - don’t be disappointed you swimming sharks, there are still plenty of things to do. Driving through the narrow dry gravel wadi allows you to witness the geology of the area, pass through intermittent Bedouin habitations, animal pens and date-palm orchards, see the falaj system of irrigation, and take a trek around a small gorge at Chees to marvel at its serpentine formations and do walking explorations.

From here, we head back to ascend to our sweet spot in the mountains for barbecue, and for those interested in trekking the surroundings have plenty to offer.

We pack-up around 7:00pm and head back to our homes.


1- The drive will start from our meeting point (to be advised) at 10:30 am. The trip to the starting point of the wadi would be through highways/ metalled roads, and takes about an hour and a half (however, let's add 30 mins for Friday prayers stopover somewhere on the way). This would still leave us plenty of time to explore the wadis by cars or on foot.

2- For your driving comfort through the mountain roads and narrow wadis, we propose to have only 4x4 cars for this drive.

3- The convoy will be limited to 10 cars at max and it is an easy drive, so we encourage car-pooling with fellow Gypsies.

4- Due to the small convoy size, Non-driving members are not allowed to bring guests on this trip.

5- Please some proof of valid UAE residence (UAE ID or passport with UAE residence visa), in case we are asked to produce it.

6- It is advisable to have Oman insurance for your car, in addition to the UAE insurance.

7- As a token of support to Let's Drive, the First Timers will pay a one-time contribution sum of AED 50.

Things to bring:
• Emirates ID/Passport with UAE residence Visa
• Food and drinks (non-alcoholic) for you and your guests.
• Trekking shoes, if you wish to walk/ hike
• Camp chairs, tables, mats, etc.
• BBQ Grill and some charcoal and wood for campfire will be arranged by us; however, kindly bring your own if you have.
• Sheesha (optional)

By accepting to participate in this drive, you confirm that you have joined voluntarily and you accept that the Organizers do not hold any responsibility for any loss or damage of property (vehicle etc.) or injury to persons. You also agree that you are fully responsible for your own safety and any act of negligence that endangers the safety of fellow passenger(s), guests or others.