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Let’s Drive to Wadi Asimah via Falaj Al Moalla - Season 2

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December 18th, 2015 · 1:45 PM

Hello Gypsies
Let’s drive to to a beautiful Wadi for a campfire and BBQ .
We plan to start our drive from the meeting point to Wadi Asimah via short and easy desert track from Falaj Al Moalla

All members with suitable 4X4 are welcome on this drive• We will start drive at 2:00 pm and settle down for a BBQ and campfire inside the wadi around 5:00 pm. We will head back around 9:30 pm in convoy.

Some non-driving members can be accommodated for the drive subject to the availability of space. Members can directly co-ordinate via (PM) with the organisers for the arrangement.

RSVP status of the non driving members will be moved to the waiting list till it is confirmed by the organizers.

4X4 in good condition with high ground clearance is a must.
Please make sure that your vehicles have front and back towing hooks.
Please bring with you the basic recovery equipment (i.e. towing rope, shovel etc.)
A compatible radio set is favourable

Gypsies should bring:
Own food/drinks + little extra to share
Charcoal / Grill stand /tools / Wood etc.

Please Note:
Meeting points will be communicated to RSVPs a day prior to drive.
There is no trip fee for old members however first-timers will contribute a fee of AED 50 per person.

Let’s Drive.....

By accepting to participate in this Drive, You agree that you have joined us voluntarily and you accept that organizers do not hold any responsibility for loss or damage of property (vehicle etc.). You also agree that you are responsible for your own safety and any act of negligence that endangers the safety of fellow passenger(s) or others.