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Let's Rock & Roll - Wadi Shawka

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January 15th, 2016 1:00 PM

While some of our members are making tacks at the Gulf News Fun Drive; lets do a drive of our own in Wadi Shawka. Mountain roads, lakes, dams, and BBQ!

Wadi Shawka

A rugged mountain ride, ending with a BBQ and camp fire. We will keep the trip limited to a small group, as the roads can be tricky and limited space to maneuver.

Important Note:

1- All RSVPs will be routed to Waitlist first and we'll finalize the list of attendees. *

2- Only 4x4 cars with good ground clearance are allowed.

3- No "open passengers list" for this drive. Only drivers can bring their own guests /passengers.

4- We'll have be having a barbecue on this trip. (bring the hunger)

5- Trip meetup points will be shared with the selected members on our trip whatsapp group.

* Priority goes to Advance / Senior members of Let’s Drive

What to Bring:

1- Enough food/snacks and water/drinks for the duration of the drive.

2- If you are planning to BBQ, we will have a BBQ grill available for you to use. (You are welcome to bring you own too).

3- Bring your raw food and amenities accordingly.

4- Chairs to sit on. (Very Important)

5- Fire Wood (1 bundle per car)

6- Shisha (for those who smoke)

7- Sun protection / any medication you need.

Offroad Basics (Pre-Check)

•  Front & Back recovery points (good condition)

•  Spare Tire (good condition, check pressure also)

•  Tire jack and tools

•  Fire Extinguisher (charged, see gauge)

•  Engine Bay check (Oil level, coolant levels, washer levels, etc.)

•  Mobile Phone + Car Charger

Offroad Basics (Pack List)

•   Snatch Strap + shackles (good quality)

•   Jack + Jack Plank / Board

•   Tire Deflator & Tire Gauge

•   Tire Air Compressor (good quality)

•   Shovel (Full size, not folding)

•   Basic Tool Kit

•   First Aid Kit + Any special meds

•   GPS (Independent or Phone App)

•   Extra Drinking Water / Trash Bags

Important Links:

2 Way Radio Info:


GPS Devices / Apps:


Off-road Equipment:


Offroad / Camping / Vehicle Accessories Suppliers:



By accepting to participate in this Drive, You agree that you have joined us voluntarily and you accept that organizers do not hold any responsibility for loss or damage of property (vehicle etc.). You also agree that you are responsible for your own safety and any act of negligence that endangers the safety of fellow passenger(s) or others.