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  •  I was intially apprehensive about join a group or club,and i have to say i am pleasantly surprised at how well organised and fun it is to hang out with this group of wonderful people.looking forward to many more meetups in the future 

    Abdulla on Apr 17, 2016.


 The most welcoming and friendly group I've joined. Always organised and very helpful. Have had a great time with Let's Drive every time! Over the last year this group have become like family to me! I love these people and enjoy every single trip I spend with them! Love you LD! x 

Sharon on Feb 20, 2016.


 "It's good to be important but it's more important to be good" and that's what is let's drive all about, being good to ppl spy new comers n beginner drivers. I have been doing off roading for a couple of years before I joined let's drive and I surely regret that I should have been a part of this family long ago, Anyone can buy a 4x4 n jump into a desert but without the let's drive team u will keep struggling. Every event in this group brings out a new version of U keep learning keep discovering n keep meeting new ppl... Good going n keep growing. (Inshallah) 

Naeem on Feb 20, 2016.


 An absolutely amazing group which tries to dissolve the barriers between the people and get them closer and organizes fabulous trips 🙂 

Divya P. on Feb 15, 2016.


 The group is just wonderful, I enjoyed every single drive with them 🙂 

Bouchra on Feb 9, 2016.


 Friendly, dedicated , knowledgeable and organized.... Let's Drive hosts and organizers tick all the boxes. I have attended 2 exciting events with Let's Drive and look forward to participate in future adventures. Let's Drive.... Let's explore more! 

tariq on Feb 6, 2016.


 Absolutely an amazing group that is run very professionally by the organisers. I've seen the group go from strength to strength since it started. I've been on numerous trips both locally & internationally and each and every one of them has been extremely well thought out with beautiful sites & fun members - the perfect combo! Keep up the good work & look foward to many more trips with you in the future x 

Sherry on Feb 4, 2016.


 The best part about this group is the way the events are organized. There is never any ambiguity or confusion. The organizers are very very accommodating and reachable. Also, I have met some of the nicest people in this group and had a lot of fun. It's a pity I'm not able to join you guys on every single trip! 🙂 

sandi.digumarthy on Feb 2, 2016.


 The whole idea of joining any such group is to feel yourself in a world that is constantly trying to bring you ocean of oppertunities for Adventure and make you feel special!!! Yesssss....indeed "Lets Drive" is the one that not only extends oppertunities to explore your offroading passion, but also lets you getting to know your group members better. Event Hosts are just ammmmazing....who helps you plan the perfect expidition in such an organized way of team work, that eventually lets you enjoy the great fun!! "Feels great to be a part of the GANG - LET'S DRIVE" 

Aamir K. on Feb 2, 2016.


 Any group is made awesome by, first and foremost, its PEOPLE! As a Co-Founder and Organizer, I must say we are extremely pleased to have the best and the most passionate members, our Gypsies, who share our passion for travel, outdoors, adventure, and the road-less-travelled. I am totally in love with what we do together and the magic our members create on every trip. Let's Drive is one happy family that sticks together and grows better every day. Come and experience it yourself. #notroublenofun 

FK on Feb 2, 2016.


 Lets drive is the best group with great organisers who do their best to make each trip memorable...... 

Moonira M. on Feb 2, 2016.


 lets drive is one of the best adventure and expedition group. very well managed events, nice people, carefully selected venues and list goes on. been to my first event with them on nye campfire night and i really enjoyed that eve. will be joining them again for sure. 🙂 

Muhammad U. on Feb 2, 2016.


 Excellent group, great organizers and even better trips. Went to Europe with them and it was without a doubt the best trip of my life!! Can't wait for my next international adventure 🙂 ... will enjoy the local ones in the meanwhile... 

Mehvish on Feb 2, 2016.


 Looking to have a fabulous time outdoors (wadi/ desert/ mountain passes/ long drives)? LETS DRIVE is always on the top of my list due to its highly enthusiastic organizers and great people in the team from different nationalities yet one family. The events are always well organized with high spirit & hospitality and the credit goes to the organizing team for their time & efforts given prior to the event to make sure everyone enjoys the event to the maximum. In two words, “LD ROCKS” ! 

Safdar I. on Feb 2, 2016.


 The best group organizers , management achievement and provide everything .they have a good experience in offroad 2 best driver Mr Rafey and Jammer guide line for the offroad Mr farhan he dose management coordination 

Senior A. on Feb 2, 2016.



Shyam on Jan 9, 2016.


 Lets Drive is one of the most happening Group in Dubai. All drive and events are well organised at purely professional level. Its heaven for offroaders and Nature explorers. Salute to all organiser's who made it possible who worked extra and hard so that we enjoy.you are indeed great and you deserve full credit and appreciation for making Lets Drive Group the best for me best in the UAE. 

Sham on Jan 3, 2016.


 top banana's 

Paul W. on Dec 21, 2015.


 Well Organized and Perfect Group.... love to meet up again n again... Lets Drive..... 

Ahmed on Dec 5, 2015.


 Excellent team and I must say that you are my extended family now. 

Kumar M. on Dec 4, 2015.


 amazing group 

Tylla on Nov 1, 2015.



Ali A. on May 24, 2015.


 Very very welcoming group with wonderful plans for those enjoying outdoor plans 

Guillermo G. on May 2, 2015.



Md F. on May 2, 2015.


 Dedicated organizers, friendly team members. 

Divo on Apr 19, 2015.


 A very lovely bunch of people and a great way to learn the tricks on 4W driving. I look forward to many more such trips. 

Gunjan on Mar 29, 2015.


 A great, friendly and welcoming group of people. 

Charlie on Mar 28, 2015.


 Grateful to Jammer & Rafey for letting me part of this group even if I don't have wheels. The first group that didn't let me feel awkward, the people are nice and humble. 

Jam on Mar 8, 2015.


 Thrilling and nice company as usual 😀 

Khaled A. on Jan 25, 2015.


 Great group, nice bunch of people to explore UAE with 

Imrana on Jan 3, 2015.


 I don't have a 4x4 and still organizer managed to take me along with other ppl. Enjoyed the event. 

Sam on Jan 3, 2015.


 This is a group a people that like to have this kind of "adventures". It is well organized. Jammer knows what we can do in term of driving and difficulties. There are challenges for us to increase our level of driving 4x4 and a very good friendship. I really recommand this meetup but not too much because I want it to be this size (i.e. not big impersonal group). Loved it !